I’ve been an amateur web designer for nearly 15 years, working first with Microsoft Front Page (I know!) and then Adobe Dreamweaver. During that time, I’ve custom-built web-to-fax systems, automated email campaigns, online petitions, and other interactive applications, and I’ve developed experience with WordPress, MySQL, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, and XML. You can view my design portfolio via the links below.




Ryan Bodanyi (2016)


HTML | PHP | Java | CSS | MySQL | WordPress | Coppermine | Responsive Design

My personal website – this one, that is – has the following features:
  • Four seamlessly integrated WordPress blogs.
  • A password-protected section.
  • Two seamlessly integrated Coppermine photo galleries.
  • Integrated thumbnail scrollers.
Coding Languages:
The site was primarily coded in HTML, PHP, and CSS, with Javascript for certain applications (like the thumbnail scrollers). I used WordPress and Coppermine for the blogs and photo galleries, respectively, with MySQL for the backend.

Still online and operational – you wouldn't be reading this otherwise.


Local Environment Survey (2015)


HTML | PHP | Java | CSS | MySQL

This survey site collected data for my dissertation; I sent this survey to 10,582 elected officials and administrators with nearly 1,000 cities and counties across the United States. I built this site from scratch (rather than using SurveyMonkey) because I wanted to maximize my response rate, and I assumed that a survey with its own domain, design, and branding would appear more credible to prospective respondents. This also allowed me to build several customized features into the survey:
  • A map on the homepage – designed to create a bandwagon effect – which showed the geographic location of each respondent government.
  • A tool on the final page which respondents could use to invite their colleagues to complete the survey.
  • A thank-you email, automatically sent by the survey to each respondent, which also included an email they could forward to their colleagues to solicit their participation.
Coding Languages:
I coded the survey primarily in PHP, and it uses a MySQL database for the backend. The map on the front page I created with Javascript and Google maps; finally, I built the site itself with HTML and CSS.

A fully-functioning legacy version of the site is hosted on this website. To visit the pages without completing the survey, follow the links below:


Urban Transportation Associates (2009)


HTML | Java | CSS

I built this site as a contractor, to the client’s design specifications. It includes:
  • Several password-protected areas where documents can be shared privately with UTA clients.
  • A box on the front page in which one of several text selections is randomly chosen and displayed.
Coding Languages:
I coded the site primarily in HTML and CSS; its dynamic features rely on Javascript.

Still online and operational, at utatransit.net.


Spartacus X (2008)


WordPress | PHP | HTML | CSS

I built this site as a contractor, to the client’s design specifications. It includes:
  • A customized WordPress theme.
  • A randomized header image.
Coding Languages:
I created the site using WordPress, PHP, CSS, and HTML.

Still online and operational, at spartacusx.com.


Students for Bhopal (2005)


HTML | PHP | Java | MySQL | CSS | XML | phpBB | Coppermine

For about seven years, this organizational website served the 70 SfB chapters and nearly 10,000 worldwide participants in Students for Bhopal actions. I built it from scratch in 2003; it received a comprehensive overhaul and design shift in 2005. The site featured:
  • Web-to-fax campaigns; we were one of the first organizations to employ this technology. In June 2004, more than 2500 people sent the Indian government a customizable fax via our website; this won their support for a cleanup lawsuit in the US. In 2006, the Indian government agreed to provide poison-free drinking water to 15,000 people in Bhopal after it received 3500 faxes and 6000 emails from online actions we designed and hosted.
  • Online email campaigns, like the 2006 campaign mentioned above. These allowed visitors to customize the content of their email; the subject line; and the list of recipients.
  • Online petitions.
  • A pledge that students could sign, agreeing not to work for Dow Chemical. It automatically sent reminders to students as the date of their graduation approached.
  • An online election system that we used to elect the members of our Advisory Board.
  • A password-protected phpBB discussion forum.
  • A Coppermine photo gallery.
  • An automated sidebar system that allowed visitors to sign up for our email list.
  • Randomized images in the header.
  • Imagemaps with pop-up boxes.
Coding Languages:
The primary site I coded in HTML and CSS, with Javascript here and there (like for the randomized header images). For the dynamic applications, like the fax and email campaigns, I used PHP, and MySQL for the backend; some of them also required the use of XML. And I installed phpBB and Coppermine for the private discussion forum and photo gallery, respectively.

A legacy version of the site is hosted on this website, in which the dynamic contents have been disabled.